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Our Recruitment Process

We have created a typical timeline below so you can see how our recruitment process works. It explains what to expect from LAL at each stage of the recruitment process as well as what is required from you.


Apply online through our LAL recruitment Website and receive an email confirming your application has been received.

Candidates will be shortlisted if they meet the role specific person specification detailed on every job description.

We suggest you fill in the application completely and spend some time outlining why you meet the person specification in the Applicant Statement


Expect to hear back within two weeks, you will receive an email confirming if you have been shortlisted for an interview or not.


If you have been shortlisted you will attend your first interview. All our interviews are matrix based and successful candidates are expected to score a minimum percentage.

In order for candidates to be successful we suggest they are familiar with their role specific job description as it contains a person specification that the interview matrix is based on.

If applying for a senior role you will be required to complete a role specific task or test. You may also be required to attend a second interview.

Job Offer

If successful you will receive, by email, a job offer detailing; position, location, salary and dates of employment. Once you have signed your job offer you will receive a reference request form.

When you have filled out the reference request form we will automatically email your referees. As soon as we receive completed and satisfactory references you will be emailed an Employment Agreement (in the US) or Statement of Main Terms and Conditions (SMTs in the UK).

Latest Jobs

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Office Manager

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Success Stories

Vicki started with LAL back in 2009 as an Accommodation & Leisure Assistant, and before that she worked summers as an Activity Leader. Now 10 years after her first permanent contract with the company, she has worked her way up the ranks to General Manager of LAL Torbay. Vicki has a wealth of experience, expertise and dedication which is apparent in how successful and well run our outstanding LAL Torbay school is.

"LAL gives you the opportunity to create enjoyable learning experiences for our students while developing your own skills constantly"

Victoria Lyall

What we do

LAL works hard to ensure to the satisfaction of our students who come to study with us and improve their English year after year. A talented and hardworking team is absolutely essential in achieving this, and we aim to assist our employees by doing the following things:

Be positive, supportive and realistic.

We aim to motivate our employees by providing them with a friendly and positive working environment, supporting them in the best way necessary and setting realistic and achievable targets and goals.

Provide clear and understandable Policies and Procedures

To ensure that our employees fully understand the way that the company works and the procedures in which they need to follow, a series of clear and concise Policies and Procedures are set out and are easily accessible for staff to read and understand.

Reward Hard Work and Dedication

Hard Work and Dedication doesn’t go unnoticed at LAL, and employees undergo regular performance reviews to ensure that they are happy and doing well. Employees are rewarded in the form of Long Service Awards, Employee of the Month Awards, Birthday Presents, Christmas Letters and Christmas and End of Summer Parties.

Our Human Resources Team

Our dedicated and conscientious expert team work hard daily to attract the best possible talent and in turn hire the best possible people for the positions that are advertised. You can count on their high level of experience, and friendly and professional demeanour to ensure that the recruitment process for each individual vacancy runs smoothly and swiftly.

Bonnie Gardner

HR Co-ordinator

Responsible for the day to day running of HR and Recruitment

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