Full Stack Digital Marketer


We’re looking for a modern Full Stack Digital Marketer capable of wearing different hats, and to exercise left brain and right brain at the same time. The ideal candidate will have a strong inclination towards storytelling, community and Brand management, whilst being still able to deliver on cold/hard KPIs, especially in the areas of audience growth, customer acquisition and CRO. Our students and their experiences at LAL are the most powerful asset in LAL’s hands and we use a combination of hard data + human empathy to drive a marketing that brings results to LAL (ROI) but also to students (as an incredible experience). Working alongside the Head of Marketing and the content writing team, our Digital Marketer will work closely with a Digital Marketing agency in areas like customer acquisition, content management, content localization, conversion rate optimization and more.  


Scale a content marketing strategy:

  • With access to videographers, content writers and content localisation resources, available, you’ll be tasked with increasing our brand awareness and the performance of our direct sales from non-paid marketing sources

Develop and scale a community-building initiative project

  • Having its community as the core asset of our brand, LAL’s marketing department, our task as a team is to develop a community management program that truly allows   LAL’s future, current and past students to connect, share and explore the world through English

Participate and execute on Customer Acquisition, CRO & Inbound Marketing initiatives

  • Other activities related to the position will relate to generation of direct revenue, especially on the areas of Online Media (Customer Acquisition), Conversion Rate Optimization and Inbound Marketing
  A few of the skills we’re looking for:
  • Copywriting
  • Analytics
  • Community Management
  • Referrals
  • Remarketing
  • Storytelling
LAL runs on:
  • Pipedrive
  • RD Station
  • WordPress + Ruby on Rails
  • Google Data Studio

Person Specification



  • University degree in Business, Marketing, Computer Sciences (or related topics) or exceptional experience with Digital Marketing capacities

Experience Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • A proven track records on growing brands and audiences
  • Flexibility and motivation to join a lean & efficient team
  • Familiarity with Lean and Agile methodologies
  • Knowledge of CRM systems and Marketing Automation Platforms
  • Advanced/Fluent level of English
  • Google / Facebook / HubSpot certifications
  • Experience with Data Analysis
  • A second language (Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish or Russian)

Personal Attributes

  • A strategic thinker, creative problem solver, able to execute vision into final deliverables.
  • Attention to detail is a must
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Ability to prioritize time and resources efficiently, and prepare for and welcome the unexpected.

To Apply:

  • LinkedIn  & Instagram Profiles
  • CV or Portfolio
  • 1 paragraph: What are the 3 brands that stand out / are the references to the online work you do (and why?)
  • Full Time, Permanent.
  • Working on a contractor basis, remotely from home.

LAL Language Centres Holding Limited

LAL Cape Town

Salary: Competitive

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What we do

LAL works hard to ensure to the satisfaction of our students who come to study with us and improve their English year after year. A talented and hardworking team is absolutely essential in achieving this, and we aim to assist our employees by doing the following things:

Be positive, supportive and realistic.

We aim to motivate our employees by providing them with a friendly and positive working environment, supporting them in the best way necessary and setting realistic and achievable targets and goals.

Provide clear and understandable Policies and Procedures

To ensure that our employees fully understand the way that the company works and the procedures in which they need to follow, a series of clear and concise Policies and Procedures are set out and are easily accessible for staff to read and understand.

Reward Hard Work and Dedication

Hard Work and Dedication doesn’t go unnoticed at LAL, and employees undergo regular performance reviews to ensure that they are happy and doing well. Employees are rewarded in the form of Long Service Awards, Employee of the Month Awards, Birthday Presents, Christmas Letters and Christmas and End of Summer Parties.

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