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To teach English to foreign students aged 12-18 years and lead afternoon and evening activities and excursions. The role of Young Learner EFL Teacher / Activity Leader is one of responsibility, directly concerned with the education and welfare of foreign junior students. This requires the applicant to engage in all aspects of teaching on a short course as directed by the Academic Manager and Center Manager and may include any other reasonable tasks assigned by the center. The ideal Teacher will be fun, energetic and outgoing but also have a high level of responsibility and authority and be more than capable of providing dynamic and engaging lessons for Young Learners. LAL use its own course book, written and designed by our academic staff across the globe to help our teachers provide unforgettable lessons. These course book-based lessons will form the basis of the syllabus but it is the teacher’s responsibility to bring them to life by adapting them to suit the needs of the individual students. The teacher is responsible for actively linking the academic and leisure programs and American culture through the Inside Scoop and any other suitable material. The ideal Activity Leader will be fun, energetic and outgoing as well as have a high level of responsibility and authority. We aim for all our Activity Leaders to have as much fun as possible whilst always acting with high regard for the rules and policies of LAL and maintaining discipline throughout the course.

At a glance

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Academic Responsibilities

  • To prepare and teach engaging and communicative lessons across a range of levels to multinational classes comprising of students usually aged 12 – 18 years.
  • To follow the prescribed syllabus and develop strategies for successful learning in accordance with directives from line management.
  • To communicate and work with your fellow teachers as required for planning, teaching and administrative purposes
  • To take responsibility for the successful academic outcomes of all students, ensuring students are aware of the aims of each lesson and how they have made progress towards these by including the setting and marking of progress tests.
  • To assist in the placement testing and classroom allocation of all students.
  • To maintain accurate and up-to-date records of work, classroom registers, lesson plans and any other administrative records.
  • To write detailed individual student reports, appropriately and professionally for all students taught in line with the deadlines set by line management.
  • To submit to periodic classroom inspections by line management.
  • To assist in daily administrative and pastoral tasks as requested by line management, including meal monitoring.
  • To look after any teaching materials including Round the World teachers’ notes borrowed from resources provided by LAL Head Office and to return them at the end of any course/end of contract.

Leisure Responsibilities

  • To actively encourage students to take part in the leisure program.
  • To organize, set up and lead fun, engaging and safe activities for the students.
  • To lead students and International Group Leaders on excursions to a variety of locations, providing cultural information about the places they are seeing.
  • To fully execute all aspects of each excursion, including the delivery of a tour as detailed in each Excursion Information Sheet.

Other Responsibilities

  • To be fully engaged with students and International Group Leaders in the rigors of summer school work, providing excellent customer service while delivering the LAL Summer School product.
  • To consistently ensure the welfare of the students remains paramount.
  • To attend induction training from three days prior to the start of the course.
  • To carry out all tasks concerned with the setting up, administration and closing down of the course as advised by line management.
  • To address any student, International Group Leader or host site representatives issues, complaints or suggestions by ensuring that the relevant LAL staff are made aware.
  • To act in a friendly and professional manner with all of LAL’s agents, clients and staff and not to engage in any activity which may bring LAL or the designated host school into disrepute.
  • To assist all students, International Group Leaders and LAL agents to derive the maximum benefit from the course.
  • To follow all LAL policies and procedures, including but not limited to dress code, safeguarding, maintaining student discipline and avoiding loss and/or damage to LAL property or property belonging to the host school.
  • To read and be fully conversant with all training materials relating to the role prior to the start of the period of employment.
  • To be flexible to carry out any other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Summer School management team, either in center or at Head Office.
  • To attend all required meetings and CPD sessions as instructed by the management team.
  • If you are a returning member of staff and have worked for LAL US Summer Schools before, you will be expected to ‘buddy up’ with new team members, using your experience to help with their development.
  • To be able to fully converse in fluent English with all members of LAL US Summer School staff as a primary language.

Person Specification

The letters in parenthesis denote how LAL will establish if you meet our criteria and how that will be determined. The letters have the following meaning: (A) = Application Form, (I) = Interview, (R) = Reference and (T) = Test. E.g. experience with working with young learners will be determined by the information provided by the candidate on the application form (A) and through questions at Interview (I).



  • a) Educated to degree level or equivalent (A)
  • b) Current teaching qualification, Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL certificate, or equivalent (A)
  • c) Excellent level of spoken and written English (CEFR C1 minimum, e.g. CAE/IELTS 7-8)


  • a) Experience with and a responsible approach to working with young learners (A/I/R)
  • b) Experience in a summer school environment

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • a) Dynamic ‘can do’ approach to work (A/I)
  • b) Strong time management skills (A/I)
  • c) Excellent communication skills and a team mentality (A/I)
  • d) Ability to work under pressure and be adaptable (A/I)
  • f) Effective people management skills (I)

Personal Attributes

  • a) Some knowledge of foreign culture (A/I)
  • b) Satisfactory criminal background check or equivalent (A/R)



  • a) First Aid / Lifeguard (A/I)
  • b) Driver’s License (A)


  • a) Experience in exam preparation teaching; IELTS / Cambridge English / TOEFL (A/I/R)
  • b) Experience of creating and facilitating CPD sessions and / or teacher training (A/I)

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • a) Good working knowledge of at least one foreign language (A/I)
  • b) Computer literate with experience using Microsoft Office365 (A/I)
  • c) Good knowledge of sports / arts and crafts or performing arts (A/I)

US Summer Schools

Lynn University (Boca Raton)

Salary: $620.00 per week

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