New York Activity Leader Example Schedule 2019

Training & School Set Up

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

LAL US Summer Schools Activity Leader Example Schedule 2019

Explanatory Notes:

All Activity Leaders are scheduled to work 11 shifts (morning, afternoon or evening) per week. Activity Leaders will cover one House Parent night shift per week.


Refers to student airport pick-ups and drop-offs. You may work one shift at the airport or all day, it depends on how many transfers are scheduled that day.

Leisure & Meals:

Refers to leisure duties such as excursions and activities. The afternoon session begins with lunch monitoring duties and finishes after dinner. The evening session begins with dinner monitoring duties and finishes after the nightly meeting. Friday and Saturday evening sessions run to midnight. You will be scheduled for a day and a half off (hopefully consecutively). This equates to 5 shifts.


There is a nightly meeting for all staff involved in the Leisure Program. If you have worked a leisure shift that day and are not scheduled for time off you must attend.
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