UK Summer Schools FAQ

General Questions

Can I drive to the school?

Most centres have parking spaces available for summer school staff to use; please see the links in question 2 above for centre specific information on parking. Usually parking at each site is very limited, available on a first-come-first-served basis and may incur a charge. Therefore we cannot guarantee parking and we recommend that staff only drive to centres if necessary. Unfortunately we cannot reserve spaces in advance; team members who are driving will need to park nearby on the day and speak to their line manager or the facilities team at their centre about how to arrange parking.

Does LAL pay for my travel to the school?

Travel to and from the centre is paid for by the candidate. We do not pay for flight or train tickets, except in cases where travel between the centres or during excursions is required and requested by LAL. In these instances, travel between centres and for excursions are paid for by LAL. If you have requested a transfer between centres for any reason LAL does not contribute towards resulting travel costs.

Pre-Summer training

We will be in touch prior to your contract starting with details on how to log on to our training site, which will have role specific training to be completed before your employment commences with LAL US Summer Schools.

Do I need to bring a towel, hairdryer, etc.?

Yes. None of our centres provide a towel. Likewise, though there might be certain equipment at the centre, it is better to bring any essentials you feel you may need, including hairdryers.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

This is up to you. LAL does provide a small number of computers in the school office for the senior team. We cannot guarantee computers for all members of staff however we do provide wireless internet at all sites.

Teachers may find it useful to bring their own laptops/tablets for lesson planning and report writing.

Please note any such items are brought at the user’s own risk. LAL does not accept any liability for items lost or damaged.

Can I have friends or family come and stay onsite?

Under safeguarding and insurance regulations coming from outside of LAL unfortunately any adult who is not an LAL International Group Leader or member of staff is not allowed to stay on site. Therefore we have a strict no visitors policy. This also extends to staff members whose contracts with LAL finish but who would like to stay on site for a few days afterwards; as much as we would like you to stay with us, our insurance and welfare policies do not allow it. This also includes couples who want to travel together but have different starting dates. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Do I get days off? What is the working pattern like?

Yes. You will have one full day off per week. We cannot necessarily give you the same day off each week and we cannot tell you in advance which shifts and days off you will have, although we do our utmost to honour all day-off requests.

Can I have every Saturday off?

No. This would be impossible to rota in for everyone and unfair to allow for just one or two members of staff. Every school runs 7 days a week and therefore all members of the summer school team need to be happy to work weekends. Weekends are some of the busiest times at the centre and staff often enjoy working them as they get to accompany students on fun excursions and lead exciting on-site activities.

I’m graduating on….can I have two days off? Days off for special occasions.

Our summer school team includes many university students and we understand how important graduation is to attend. Considering this, we do our utmost to accommodate graduation requests. This can also be considered for other special occasions such as birthdays or weddings. Each situation is discussed on a case by case basis and is dependent upon student numbers, pre-existing time off requests and the needs of the centre.

We appreciate staff letting us know about any time-off requests for big events in advance of the summer, so please do email [email protected] if you need a certain day off. Staff can also discuss with their line manager the dates they need off and arrange to be on the rota in a way that enables them to attend their graduation within their usual allocated time off.

What will my day-to-day job involve? What is a typical day at a summer school?

One of the best things about working with LAL is that it is definitely not boring; each day is different. Our team members enjoy being flexible and willing to get involved in all areas of the exciting life of our summer schools.

All staff, no matter what their role, lead the leisure programme. Teachers teach English classes and lead activities and excursions. House Parents take care of student welfare and lead activities and excursions. Activity Leaders have lots of leisure responsibilities and also cover for House Parent days off.

For a general idea of the structure of the day at each centre, please take a look at our timetables on our website: Please also take a look at the job descriptions on our careers website for a general idea of job duties:

I don’t eat gluten…can you cater for me?

The catering teams that we work with across all sites are excellent and can accommodate most of the usual requests. If you have a more unusual dietary requirement, please inform [email protected] so we can liaise with our catering partners. Please also remind your Centre Manager upon arrival so that they can make any further necessary arrangements and introduce you to the catering team.

I like arts and crafts but I don’t know much about sports; can I choose what activities I work on?

You may remember filling in a skills sheet at application, where you indicate your confidence in certain areas, such as arts and crafts. We ask you to do this so that your Leisure Manager or Activity Manager can best utilise your individual skills. It is important to us that your skills are utilised effectively, and that you enjoy your job; if our staff are having fun this makes for a positive the student experience.

We also need to ensure that students have the best possible mix of activities to suit their interests. This means that sometimes you might be put on an activity that, initially, you might not be so experienced in. The Leisure Manager and Leisure Coordinator are there to support staff with activities, so do approach them if you have ideas to input. With LAL Summer Schools, the more you put in, the more you, our students and our International Group Leaders will get out of the programme.

UK Specific Questions

When do I need to arrive?

Senior Staff
Centre Managers, Leisure Managers; Excursion Managers; Activity Managers; Welfare Managers; Office Managers; Directors of Studies; Coordinators
(Senior Teacher; Assistant Welfare Manager; Leisure Coordinator; Excursion Coordinator).

Centre Induction Date Induction Start Time Induction Location Accommodation
St Mary’s University Wednesday 27th June 09:30 St. Mary’s University Provided at St Mary’s from 26th June
Brighton Wednesday 27th June 09:30 St Mary’s University Provided in the Twickenham area from 26th June
Berkhamsted School Wednesday 4th July 09:30 LAL London, Twickenham Provided in the Twickenham area from 3rd July
St Swithun’s Thursday 12th July 09.30 LAL London, Twickenham Provided in the Twickenham area from 11th July
Mount Kelly Saturday 7th July 09:30 LAL Torbay Provided in the Torbay area from 6th July

Please note that senior staff need to be at the induction on the above date and time, but you do not need to take our accommodation if you would prefer to just
arrive in the morning. If you do not need accommodation the evening before the induction, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.
Teachers; Activity Leaders; House Parents

Centre Arrival Date Arrival Time Arrival Location Accommodation Date Centre Opens to Students
St Mary’s Thu 28th June 14:00-18:30 St Mary’s University Provided at St Mary’s Sunday 1st July 2018
Brighton Thu 28th June 14.00-18.30 University of Sussex Provided at University of Sussex Sunday 1st July 2018
Berkhamsted School Thu 5th July 14.00-18.30 Berkhamsted School Provided at Berkhamsted School Sunday 8th July 2018
St Swithun’s Fri 13th July 14.00-18.30 St Swithun’s Provided at St Swithun’s Monday 16th July 2018
Mount Kelly Sunday 8th July 14.00-18.30 Mount Kelly Provided at Mount Kelly Wednesday 11th July 2018

Your paid induction starts the day after your arrival. On the evening of your arrival you will attend a staff social teambuilding event to get to know your new
colleagues, however it is not compulsory to attend this. If you cannot arrive between 14:00 and 18:30 on the dates above, please arrive for 09:00 the next day to start
your induction promptly at 09:30.

If you are starting later in the summer (after the date the centre opens to students; please see above) your arrival date will differ to the arrival dates listed above.
You should have discussed this individually with the Welfare and UK Summer Schools Recruitment Manager or been told this in your job offer email. If you have not
or you are unsure of your arrival time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Generally you will be asked to arrive at 09:00 the day before transfer day so that you can
be fully inducted. Transfer days are the days students arrive and depart. Transfer and late starter induction days are as follows:

School Transfer day Induction day for late starters
St Mary’s, Brighton, Berkhamsted Sunday 09.00 Saturday
Mount Kelly Wednesday 09.00 Tuesday
St Swithun’s Monday 09.00 Sunday


How can I get to my school?

Please see our host school’s websites for travel information:
St. Mary’s, London:
University of Sussex at Brighton:
St. Swithun’s, Winchester:
Berkhamsted: The closest airports are Luton and Heathrow.
Mount Kelly, Tavistock:

I want to buy a cheaper ticket and arrive at midnight, who will meet me?

We do not encourage late arrivals. We ask everybody to arrive from 14:00-18:30 the day before the start of their induction and we would like everybody to adhere to this as much as possible so that you receive an organised welcome. We also ask you to arrive at this time so that you can collect your room keys/code, get settled in the accommodation, get to know the centre and participate in team building exercises and the staff social in the evening. Inductions start early the next day.  Organising keys or codes to be collected later might not always be possible, and presents additional work for the management team. The first few days of preparation are vital so we need to use everyone’s time as efficiently as possible.

In extenuating circumstances, we may be able to organise later arrivals, however it might also be that there is no-one (either from LAL or anyone from the facilities teams at our host schools) to meet or greet you at the centre. In such instances, we will try to arrange to leave your keys or code at a pre-arranged point and for you to pick them up and make your own way to your room. Depending on your arrival time, it is likely the rest of the team will either be out on the staff social or in their rooms asleep. If the team is still out at the social, you are welcome to join us and you will need to make your own way to the venue. If we have already turned in for the night, you are invited to do the same and to join us bright and early the next morning.

At least one member of LAL head office will be at all inductions to welcome the team.

If you are looking for a travelling buddy to go from the airport/train or coach station to the induction centre, please put a post on the forums or groups on the careers website as there are sure to be other members of the team looking to meet up.

I want to buy a cheaper ticket and arrive a day later … is that OK?

Attending the entire induction is part of the job and it is essential that everyone attends. Therefore please buy a ticket that enables you to arrive at the recommended times and attend the induction fully.

The induction is paid and is vital to provide you with the information and knowledge you need to perform your job to the best of your abilities. This is part of the summer school experience and integral to ensuring the schools run smoothly and get off to a great start. We look forward to seeing you there.

I will arrive in London on (2/3 days before induction) – can I stay at St Mary’s or Brighton?

Sadly we are unable to accommodate early arrivals. This is due to insurance and welfare policies which do not allow us to have adults on site that are not International Group Leaders accompanying students, or under an employment contract with us. Practically it is also a challenge, as our inductions start as soon as we are allowed entry onto the site, therefore two/three days before inductions we are not actually allowed into our host school accommodation. Arriving the day before is fine, but if you arrive any earlier you will need to arrange your own accommodation.

I will be doing an induction at a different school to the one I am working at. Is my travel paid? Is anyone travelling with me?

Travel to the induction centre is not paid for by LAL, but travel from the induction centre to the centre you will be working at is. All arrangements will be made by Head Office. You will then have to make your own travel arrangements from the centre you are working at to return home or to your next destination after LAL.

What documents do I need to bring?

If you are a new member of staff we will need to see the following original documents:

  • Passport / Photo ID.
  • Qualifications if you are a teacher (e.g. Degree, CELTA) if you are running one of our upgrade courses (football or tennis qualifications) or have a First Aid certificate.
  • An enhanced DBS (for UK residents) or a Police Check for overseas residents.

If you do not bring these with you to the centre you will not be able to work with us. Additionally, your personnel details form must be completed electronically / type written, and should not be handwritten. We also need the above documents to be scanned to us prior to you starting with us. You should have received information about what documents you need to send; if not, please contact the Welfare and UKSS Recruitment Manager as soon as possible.

If you are a returning member of staff, we will contact you directly advising on what to bring.

How many hours will I work?

All staff work up to 48 hours per week. In your SMT (contract) you are asked to opt out of the 48-hour working time directive.

As we are working with many young people, there can be some unplanned-for events that require action from our staff. For example, if a child needs to go to the hospital a member of staff will need to accompany them, and this event will obviously not be planned on the rota. Centre Managers therefore try to rota staff for fewer than 48 hours per week to ensure there is additional time available should extra staff be needed, and we appreciate the flexibility our staff demonstrate in ensuring our programmes are safe and enjoyable for all students.

Payroll/Money Questions

How and when do I get paid?

Please see our payroll and salary information sheet, also available in the documents section of the careers website.

Can you give me a sub/cash advance when I arrive?

Unfortunately not. Our company policy and finance infrastructure does not enable us to do this.

UK Specific Payroll/Money Questions

Do I need a UK National Insurance (NI) number?

According to the HMRC website, EU members do not have to apply for NI numbers for short term employment.

HMRC will send each employee, who does not have an NI number, a temporary number which you must give to us. This should be written on your Personnel Details form. If you receive this after starting employment with us or after submitting your personnel details form, please email your temporary NI number to the Summer Schools Recruitment Co-ordinator. This number will allow HMRC to transfer the deductions which have been made to your salary to your tax profile within your own country.

I have a question about tax…

We cannot help with any tax queries. All tax enquiries must be made to HMRC. All the information you need to give HMRC is on your payslip, which will confirm tax information such as:

  • your tax code
  • how much tax you have paid this month and this financial year

Whether this is the correct tax code or not, and if you are paying the right amount of tax, can be verified by HMRC. Tax, as in other countries, is a complicated issue in the UK and HMRC have fully trained financial experts that can help you far better than we can.

They are also generally very friendly and easy to contact, so any issues are much more efficiently, accurately and effectively handled by them rather than by LAL.

Contact information for HMRC can be found here.

Do I have to have a UK bank account?

It is preferable for employees to have a UK bank account as it makes payment easier for you and LAL.

However, it is not easy for short-term residents to open a UK bank account. You may find some information on opening up a UK account here and here.

We can, however, pay to non-UK bank accounts, though we will deduct a £15 charge per each transaction. Please make sure to send us the account number, IBAN and SwiftBIC details otherwise we will not be able to process payments.

If we pay you via a non-UK bank, you may be subject to bank charges to have your salary transferred. LAL is not responsible for these costs. We recommend you speak with your bank about this in advance to find out if you will be charged.

Do I have to pay tax (PAYE)?

EU nationals still have to pay PAYE as normal UK residents. However, there is a tax free allowance, which varies from person to person according to their circumstances, that means you may receive a tax refund. You will need to apply for this yourself.

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