Why work at LAL?


Why work with us?

If you are looking to work as part of a fantastic team, be rewarded by the satisfaction of our students on a daily basis, and work within a professional environment, then LAL is the place for you.

We offer a variety of skilled positions with competitive salaries, progression opportunities and employee benefits.
We welcome the chance to broaden our wealth of experience and knowledge with new candidates who are able to share their skills and abilities with the team and make our company even better.




Training & Development

LAL is extremely passionate about supporting our staff with their training needs and enhancing employee development. We offer a variety of support relating to training and development including: on the job training, mentoring, use of our internal training website, and regular performance reviews.

LAL strives to support our employees to help them become the best possible versions of their professional self that they can be.

Competitive Pay

LAL always aims to be competitive and comparative when it comes to employees pay.

Annual leave

We offer an attractive and competitive annual leave package for all our staff, both salaried and hourly paid.

An Experienced Team

Our professional and friendly team boasts a wealth of experience in a variety of different areas and are keen to share their skills, creativity, and expertise with new members of staff.

Success Stories

Shihaam started at LAL (then called Cape Communication Centre) in 2004 as an EFL Teacher. In January 2008, she became Assistant Director of Studies and then Director of Studies (Academic Manager) in December 2008. In early 2020, Shihaam transitioned smoothly into the role of Deputy General Manager and uses her experience and expertise in balancing both her academic duties and school duties professionally and effectively, ensuring the continued satisfaction of our students every day.

“Working at LAL has given me endless possibilities to grow both personally and professionally. Being part of this amazing LAL team over the years and giving our students the best language learning experience of their lives has been extremely rewarding.”

Shihaam Roberts

Whitero CEO, USA

What we do

LAL works hard to ensure the satisfaction of our students who come and study with us year after year. A talented and hardworking team is absolutely essential in achieving this, and we aim to support our employees by doing the following things:

Be positive, supportive and realistic.

We aim to motivate our employees by providing them with a friendly and positive working environment, supporting them in the best way necessary and setting realistic and achievable targets and goals.

Provide clear and understandable Policies and Procedures

To ensure that our employees fully understand the way that the company works and the procedures in which they need to follow, a series of clear and concise Policies and Procedures are set out and are easily accessible for staff to read and understand.

Reward Hard Work and Dedication

Hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed at LAL, and employees undergo regular performance reviews to ensure that they are happy and doing well, with any feedback or suggestions being acted upon accordingly to ensure a positive and healthy workplace.

Our Dedicated Recruitment Team

Our dedicated and conscientious expert team work hard daily to attract the best possible talent and in turn hire the best possible people for the positions that are advertised. You can count on their high level of experience, and friendly and professional demeanour to ensure that the recruitment process for each individual vacancy runs smoothly and swiftly.

Mark Cook

Head of Summer Schools

Responsible for the operations of UK summer schools and the recruitment & on boarding of summer schools staff

Bonnie Gardner

HR Manager

Responsible for Human Resources across the group including recruitment of staff at our year round schools and summer schools

Andrew Ng

Head of Academic Programmes

Responsible for academic programmes across the group and the recruitment & on boarding of academic staff

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